Making the correct choice for your Security Alarm or CCTV System  –

Choosing a contractor to install and service your Security Alarm or CCTV System is often a harder decision than choosing the Security Alarm or CCTV System.
Fire crest Security alarms

We are proud to offer a great value service from an experienced and professional security company providing Security Alarms in Cornwall and CCTV Systems in Cornwall.
We have many pleased clients already, all across Cornwall and South Devon.
The Security Alarms  and CCTV Systems that we offer are often a small price to pay for a peace of mind, and a worry-free lifestyle.

When deciding on what Security Alarm and CCTV System is best for you, your household or your business, the following points are worth taking into account:

A well designed, reliable Security Alarm or CCTV system –

If a Security alarm or CCTV System is badly designed or configured, it can cause many false alarms or sound at random moments. This can be a major inconvenience to your business, especially if clients or customers are present. The Security Alarms and CCTV Systems that we offer are well designed and you will get no false alarms, as we have them installed and serviced  them professionally. We can provide a design certificate, a key element of the British Standards and excellent proof that the necessary standard has been met.

Choosing a Security Alarm or CCTV System that won’t need to be upgraded – 

Decide on a contractor with in depth knowledge of the Security and CCTV industry so they can design and install a suitable Security Alarm or CCTV System according to the type of property or business. If this task is executed correctly, it will save money and time as you will not have to upgrade your Security Alarm or CCTV System.

Parts available for servicing in the future –

All of our the Security Alarms and CCTV Systems that  we supply are ‘open protocol’, meaning the parts for the Security Alarm or CCTV System (if they need to be replaced, for whatever reason) can be easily sourced and and installed, as opposed to the ‘closed protocol’ systems, of which the parts are very hard to source, and the customer often get charged a lot more because of this. We use these specific systems to keep prices down for clients and also, this means that if we ever let you down you can change to other  Security Alarm or CCTV System companies, who should have the ability and skills to carry on the service.

Call outs

Four members of our Security Alarm and CCTV staff are highly trained  security engineers who all live in Cornwall, and are on call 24/7. This is for any spontaneous problems that need immediate attention.

Make sure you employ a ‘competent fire safety contractor’